Medical Expert Witness

Dr. Michael G. Sribnick, Esq. is best known as a personal injury lawyer, but he also serves as a medical expert witness. His law firm is an excellent resource to turn to in the midst of complicated medical malpractice cases.

The Role of the Medical Expert Witness

In malpractice cases, medical expert witnesses are often called upon to offer insights into the medical technicalities of various legal situations. The facts of medical cases are often too complicated for jury members to fully understand, particularly if the goal is to determine whether a given doctor or other medical professional should be held responsible for a patient’s illness, injury, or death. A medical expert witness can give jury members a different — and very valuable — perspective on the case at hand, providing those with the information they need to make the appropriate decisions. Jury members are not required to adopt the medical expert’s opinion, but they must use his or her feedback when arriving at a final decision.

Questions Addressed by Medical Expert Witnesses

While offering medical testimony, expert witnesses seek to answer one or more of the following questions:

  • Did the healthcare professional follow the industry’s accepted standards of care?
  • Did a failure of this individual to abide by the aforementioned standards result in injury or death?

It is the medical expert’s job to provide insight into what a standard, competent professional would do if put in the situation that is the focus of the case at hand. From there, the medical expert witness must state whether he or she believes that the medical professional lived up to the standard of care already outlined. Finally, the witness must offer up an opinion as to whether other factors may have been at play, or whether poor care was directly responsible for the patient’s medical problems.

Dr. Michael G Sribnick, Esq: A Reliable Medical Expert Witness

Dr. Michael G. Sribnick possesses a thorough understanding of medical malpractice, both from a legal and a healthcare perspective. His medical knowledge covers several areas, enabling him to assist a variety of individuals in the midst of medical malpractice cases. As a medical expert witness, Michael Sribnick plays an instrumental role in securing positive case outcomes for the clients with whom he works.

If you require assistance from somebody who knows the healthcare industry and local legal system inside and out, do not hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Michael G. Sribnick.

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